Gayle Degler

County CommissioneR

Serving with 20+ years of experience!

Gayle works hard. He Listens & serves the community of Carver County.

“I will continue to commit the next two years to the folks in my district, and all of Carver County for that matter, and conclude my career in public service with the same dedication and vigor I have displayed over the past 22 years,” explained Degler.

“Whether it’s controlling taxes, eliminating unnecessary government, ensuring the public’s safety, or maintaining and improving our county road system, I’m more than enthused and eager to serve my district for the next two years.”

County Achievements

"2022 Top 5 Healthiest Counties to live in"

U.S. News & World Report

Keeping county taxes affordable!

Property & Finance Division

"County's "AAA" Bond Rating ReAffirmed"

Standard & Poor