What's important to Gayle!

My Accomplishments have been:

Taxes "Where your tax $$ Go!"

Roads & Transportation

Veteran Services

Parks & Trails

Mental Wellness Facility

Our County is the Healthiest in the State (5th in the Nation)

Our County is the Happiest in the State (10th year in a row)

Lowest Poverty Rate in the State.

Thanks for your Support!
Gayle Degler

Where your Tax $$ Go!

I've worked to keep the county's portion of your tax dollars far lower than the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

If your taxes go up, see where this money is going!! Check Yours?

Gayle believes in making the most of your tax dollar! Maximizing technology stretches the power of your dollars, whether it be through social services, library services or rehabbing our highways.

Roads & Transportation

101 Ground Breaking

As chairman of the County Board, I was able to secure funding for the vital transportation link over the Minnesota River.

Upgraded sections of Pioneer, Audubon, Engler, Powers, & Sections of highway 41 & 212!

2022: Secured funding for 212 to NYA. Opened 212 from Carver to Cologne.

Veteran Services

Gayle led the efforts in providing transportation for our Veterans.

Gayle supports the Veterans Service Officer who provides services to help Veterans get benefits they earned to help stabilize their lives.

Parks & Trails

Gayle assisted in rebuilding the corridor after excessive rains washed out the trail.

**Completed 41 Trail through the U of MN Arboretum.

**Approved funding for Waconia Event Center and updated Waconia Regional Park.

Mental Wellness

Gayle supported the conversion of Steiner Kelting to a Mental Wellness Facility.

This 12-bed facility is for short & long-term residential crisis and stabilization services. This is a unique development in Carver County which is a leader in the metro area.